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BLUP  v.1.0

Best Linear Unbiased Prediction is a statistical technique for linear mixed models.

PhcfM  v.1.1

phcfM is an R package for modelling anthropogenic deforestation. It was named after the REDD+ pilot-project 'programme holistique de conservation des forA?ts A Madagascar'. phcfM includes two main functions: (i) demography(), to model the ...

Mixed-Up Math  v.1.0

A math puzzle where equations are all mixed-up. Equations go in all directions.

Unreal Tournament 2003 - DeathInTraX models

Unreal Tournament 2003 - DeathInTraX models is specifically designed as a reliable and effective tool for UT2003 players. Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP733 MHz

ADAM - Abstract Data Access Models  v.1.0

2 Java frameworks with transient and persistent object models based on nonstandard approach (less evident but faster development): an object is a set of named fields. 3 non-object libraries simplifying access to tables stored in RDB, text files,

Enhanced Content Models  v.1.0

Enhanced Content Models add new features to the Fedora 3.0 content models.. A more elaborate specification of the data objects. The repository view system. The object creation templates, for creating new

Environmental Data Models  v.1.0

A repository for data models for use in environmental modeling and analysis. First project is a pipeline data

Models battle  v.1.0

Models battle je 3D akční síťová střílečka, kde hráči v podobě modelů tanků mají za cíl porazit všechny hráče soupeřícího týmu. Každému hráči je na počátku přidělen vlastní model tanku, kterým bojuje proti

Object Models in Z  v.1.0

This project offers a collection of resources that can be used to document object models in the Z language. This mainly consists in prelude files for z type checking and latex demo files that use

RoboCup Mixed Reality League  v.1.0

This is the RoboCup Mixed Reality Project: a standard research and educational platform integrating cutting edge and low cost watch technology into a miniature multi-robot system which mixes reality and

State Space Models  v.1.0.1

A MATLAB toolbox for time series analysis using state space models. Supports fully interactive model construction with MATLAB objects and efficient Kalman filter backend implemented in

Facinas: Probabilistic Graphical Models  v.1.0

Facinas: Probabilistic Graphical Models is an extensive set of librairies, algorithms and tools for Probabilistic Inference and Learning and Reasoning under uncertainty. It implements all sort of Probabilistic Graphical Models using discrete and ...

Bio models  v.1.0

Object models for sequence variome, phenotype and biobanking data

Oriship Map with Models  v.1.0

Map of my Oriship with about 9 models from Votekick

L4D props and models  v.1.0

These are all the props for L4D. They are for Gmod and you do not require L4D for these models to work. Check regualy L4D2 models are coming soon. For any suggestions please contact me

Language for Executable Models  v.1.0

The Language for Executable Models (LEM) is a text-based representation for Executable/Translatable UML models. This project also includes a "verifier" for executing these models.

R package for simple hydrological models  v.1.0

A set of R functions ( for simple hydrological models, based on linear and non-linear storages, MC simulation and multi-objective evaluation. The code provided here is aimed to be transformed into a proper R package at some point.

Assembly of mixed genomes  v.1.0

Perl scripts used in the paper "Index-free de novo assembly and deconvolution of mixed mitochondrial genomes" by McComish BJ, Hills SFK, Biggs P and Penny D (2010) Genome Biology and Evolution 2:410-424.

Parallel Architectures and Models  v.1.0

The project explores various issues of parallel and distributed architectures; bits of information gathered from available sources with respect to HPC, hardware, programming models, algorithms, and applications.

IT Process Models Repository  v.1.0

This web based IT Process Models repository aggregates BPMN process models of CMMI-SW standard process areas. A 'must' tool for every IT project manager!

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